Advance Your Emergency Department: Leading in a New Era

By: Stephanie Baker, R.N., MBA, CEN; Dan Smith, M.D., FACEP; Regina Shupe

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There's never been so much opportunity for your Emergency Department to shine.

These are critical days for healthcare. We know more about optimizing quality and saving lives than at any point in history. At the same time, cost pressures have never been greater. Add in higher-than-ever patient expectations and the message is clear: Hospitals that can learn to do more with less will thrive. Those that can't may not even exist a few years from now.

The Emergency Department plays a pivotal role in how your hospital adapts to our new reality. This book offers a wealth of tools and tactics aimed at helping you get results more efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. Master them and you'll improve quality, exceed patient expectations, and ultimately, help the entire organization maintain and grow its profit margin. You'll learn how to:

  • Diagnose flow challenges and redesign systems to make them far more efficient;
  • Align ED goals with other key areas and weight them to drive performance;
  • Hardwire advanced communication tools that calm and reassure patients, reduce LWBS rates, and minimize preventable readmissions;
  • Engage physicians and collaborate with hospitalists for optimal patient safety; and
  • Drive collaboration within the ED, the larger hospital, and the community.

World-class Emergency Departments don't follow. They lead. When you commit to building and sustaining an agile, high-performing ED, you'll not only fulfill your mission of serving patients and saving lives, you'll light the way for your entire hospital to prosper in the new era.

Advance Your Emergency Department: Leading in a New Era
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  • Stephanie Baker

    Stephanie Baker, R.N., MBA, CEN

  • Dan Smith

    Dan Smith, M.D., FACEP

  • Regina Shupe

    Regina Shupe

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