Eat That Cookie: Make Workplace Positivity Pay off...For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

By: Liz Jazwiec, RN

In her  book, Eat THAT Cookie! How Workplace Positivity Pays Off... For Individuals, Teams and Organizations, Liz gets real about all that and more. In her darkly humorous, ever-so-slightly sarcastic style -after all she was an ER nurse - she builds a case for the powerful benefits of a positive workplace. (Hint: better patient service, improved efficiencies and lower employee turnover all make the list.)

Funny, inspiring and relatable, Eat THAT Cookie! is packed with realistic, down-to-earth tactics leaders can use right now to infuse positivity into their culture.

Readers will learn:

  • Why hokeyness - in the form of giant smiley face cookies and no-negativity days - actually works
  • How to decree and enforce "mandatory fun" so that it's really, well, fun
  • Guidelines for doing celebrations the right way
  • How not to succumb to "process paralysis"
  • Why victim thinking is so destructive, and how to eliminate it from the organization
  • How to stop judging shoe-heel smashers, pants unzippers, and other irritating patients

"For the first 18 years of my career I used to say that if we could just get some decent patients I would love my work!" says Liz. "But the perfect clientele doesn't exist. And guess what? I can have a good day anyway. I've found that happiness is a decision?anywhere, any time, in any economy."

Put the tips in Eat THAT Cookie! into practice, you'll be amazed by the rapid improvements you see in your organization - in terms of energy, focus, productivity and yes, happiness.

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