Excellence in the Emergency Department

By: Stephanie Baker, R.N., MBA, CEN

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By implementing proven, evidence-based tools and techniques, leaders can overcome the excuses and create an ED where employees and physicians want to work and patients want to receive care. That's true whether your ED is big or small, inner city or rural, or any combination of the above.

Excellence in the Emergency Department explains how. Author Stephanie Baker, has created an outstanding resource book filled with proven, easy-to-implement, step-by-step instructions that will help you move your emergency department forward. These process-improvement tactics are based on research Studer Group has done with more than 500 organizations.

First, the book builds a strong case for service. Then it provides three foundational tactics-Rounding For Outcomes, Discharge Phone Calls and Bedside Reports-that ensure almost immediate results. (For instance, by implementing just one of these practices, Baker moved her organization from the 4th percentile in patient satisfaction to above the 90th percentile in the space of one year!) Finally, it offers additional advanced tactics that will help you accelerate and sustain success.

Excellence in the Emergency Department will help you:
  • Implement tactics that provide measurable results within 90 to 180 days
  • Work smarter and more efficiently with the team you have in place right now
  • Reduce the incidence of patients who leave without being seen (LWOBS) for better service and higher financial impact
  • Demonstrate the financial impact of tools and tactics in order to justify and acquire more resources
  • Overcome resistance and encourage staff buy-in by answering tough questions, explaining the "Why" and helping people connect the dots
  • Deal with low performers as you move the department forward
  • Communicate and work more effectively with ancillary departments
  • Reconnect your staff members (and yourself) to that all-important sense of passion and purpose
Want to create your own "No Excuses" emergency department? Put the book's tactics into practice and your ED will experience elevated staff performance, greater ownership and accountability, a calmer environment-and of course, better clinical outcomes.
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