Inspired Journal; A Companion to Inspired Nurse

By: Rich Bluni, R.N.

Nurses inspire others through their selfless devotion. Our research on women and work/life blend showed that while nurses take wonderful care of their patients, they sometimes sacrifice their own wellbeing in the process.

Nurses spend little time focusing on themselves and the impact they have. And when they do take the rare moment for themselves, they often experience guilt about what they are not doing for others during this time.

We hope Inspired Journal, along with its companion book Inspired Nurse (written by Studer Group's own Rich Bluni, RN) will change that mindset. Together, they can help nurses take time to reflect on themselves and the difference they make in others, lives,and remind them to do what they can to take care of themselves.

What are you doing to be good to you? Perhaps Inspired Journal can help you answer that question for yourself. And perhaps it can help your colleagues and coworkers answer that question, too.

Inspired Journal; A Companion to Inspired Nurse
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