Engaging Physicians Downloadable Curriculum Materials

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These educational resources are available for instructors to provide additional resources for classroom, leadership, continuing education, training, etc. They provide a significant amount of information in which the instructor can use to enhance instruction. Resource include the following:

  1. Teaching Objectives
  2. Competencies
  3. Probing Questions
  4. Stages of Physician Engagement
  5. Classroom Exercises
  6. Team Projects
  7. Writing Assignments
  8. Rubric for Writing Assignments
  9. Case Study
  10. Engaging Physicians Workshop Assessment Form
  11. Additional Resources
  12. Exam Key

PowerPoint presentations are included for each stage of the nine stages of Engaging Physicians. Each presentation includes learning objectives, key concepts, lecture content, summary and individual teaching notes, where appropriate. References are made throughout the PowerPoint notes section directing users to the book or the Studer Group website for further information.

Engaging Physicians Downloadable Curriculum Materials
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