Hardwiring Flow Downloadable Curriculum Materials

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These educational materials are available for instructors to provide additional resources for classroom, leadership, continuing education, training, etc. They provide a significant amount of information in which the instructor can use to enhance instruction. Resources include many of the following for each chapter:

  1. Reading Assignment - Provides the instructor with the corresponding pages of the text
  2. Chapter Overview/Major Themes - Provides the instructor with a short summary of the chapter
  3. Suggested Competencies for Advanced Curriculum - Provides the instructor with suggested knowledge and skills students must demonstrate in order to have successfully mastered the topic area
  4. Learning Activities/Classroom Exercises - Provides the instructor with activities for the students to demonstrate what they have learned
  5. Discussion Questions - Provides the instructor with additional educational material for students to demonstrate high levels of understanding
  6. Suggested Websites and Articles - Provides the instructor with real-world examples of the reading material
  7. Resources From the Studer Group - Provides the instructor with additional resources from the text?s publisher and author
  8. Exam Questions - Provides the instructor with true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay exam questions

PowerPoint Files - There is a PowerPoint presentation for each chapter and the introduction. Each presentation contains material from the text including:

  1. Titles and headings in each chapter
  2. Chapter objectives
  3. Introduction
  4. Quotes for reflection
  5. Key questions
  6. Discussion topics
  7. Conclusion
Hardwiring Flow Downloadable Curriculum Materials
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