Excellence in the Emergency Department Chapter Tools

Section 1: Why Change?

Chapter 1 – The Resistance Reality
Why people don't do what we want them to
How to conduct high middle low performer conversations (mentioned on page 13)

Chapter 2 – Building the Case for Service
Evidence-based leadership in the ED (Figure 2.1)

Chapter 3 – Connecting the Dots
Health care flywheel (Figure 3.1)
Lower employee turnover means better patient care (Figure 3.2)
The five pillars deliver bottom-line results (Figure 3.3)


Section 2: Three Must Have Tactics to Move Your ED in 90 Days

Chapter 4 – Rounding for Outcomes
Sample leader rounding on staff log (Figure 4.1)
Stoplight report (Figure 4.2)
Stoplight report blank template (Figure 4.2)
Evidence-based tactics reduce employee turnover (Figure 4.3)
Sample ED leader rounding on patients log (Figure 4.4)
Leader rounding on patients increases patient satisfaction (Figure 4.5)
Rounding in the reception area reduces ED left without being seen (Figure 4.6)
Sample key words (mentioned on p. 69 of book)
Sample ED reception area log for hourly rounding (Figure 4.7)

Chapter 5 – Discharge Phone Calls
Sample ED discharge phone call question template (Figure 5.1)
Sample ED discharge phone call trend report (Figure 5.2)
Discharge phone calls improve likelihood to recommend (Figure 5.3)

Chapter 6 – Bedside Shift Report
Bedside shift report improves patient satisfaction (Figure 6.1)
Sample letter to patients about bedside shift report
How to use SBAR(T) in ED bedside shift report (Figure 6.2)
Staff bedside shift report and evaluator competency assessment (Page 101)
ED bedside weekly report (Figure 6.3)
ED bedside weekly report blank template (Figure 6.3)


Section 3: Advanced Tactics to Accelerate and Sustain Success

Chapter 7 – Key Words at Key Times
Top 10 key words and better key words (Figure 7.1)
AIDET: the five fundamentals of service (Figure 7.2)
Key words and rounding drive ED volumes (Figure 7.3)

Chapter 8 – Hourly Rounding With Individualized Patient Care in the ED
Studer Alliance for Health Care Research 2006 ED study (mentioned on page 128)
Individualized patient care (Figure 8.1)
ED hourly rounding log with individualized patient care in treatment area (Figure 8.2)
ED hourly rounds dashboard (Figure 8.3)
ED hourly rounds dashboard blank template (Figure 8.3)
Sample hourly rounding competency check list (Figure 8.4)
Sample hourly rounding competency check list blank template (Figure 8.4)

Chapter 9 – Interdepartmental Communication Tools
Sample internal customer rounding log (Figure 9.1)
Sample internal customer rounding log blank template (Figure 9.1)
Reminder card (Figure 9.2)