Nurse Leader Handbook Chapter Tools

Section 1: Tactics to Manage and Lead

Chapter 1: Effective Communication

Chapter 2: Rounding on Staff

Chapter 3: Performance Management

Chapter 5: highmiddlelow® Performers and Critical Conversations

Chapter 6: Selecting and Retaining Talent

Chapter 7: Developing the Healthcare Team

Section 2: Tactics to Implement for Better Patient Care

Chapter 8 Nurse Leader Rounding on Patients

Chapter 9: Pre- and Post-Visit Patient Calls

Chapter 10: Hourly Rounding on Patients

Chapter 11: The Bedside Shift Report

Chapter 12: Individualized Patient Care

Chapter 13: Key Words at Key Times (AIDET)

Chapter 14: Service Recovery

Section 3: Knowledge Fundamentals

Chapter 15: Goal Management

Chapter 16: Understanding Financial Impact (From ROI to Revenue Creation)

Chapter 18: Measurement

Chapter 19: A Culture of Safety

Chapter 20: Collaborating with Physicians

Section 4: Professional Development

Chapter 21: Effective Meetings

Chapter 22: Supervisory Meeting Model

Chapter 25: How to Manage Change (Nursing Evolution Required)

  • Page 338 – The “Tough Questions Exercise” provides a structure method to anticipating and answering possible tough questions.

Chapter 26: Walking Life’s Tightrope