The HCAHPS Handbook 2nd Edition: Tactics to Improve Quality and the Patient Experience

By: Karen Cook, R.N.; Lyn Ketelsen, RN, MBA; Bekki Kennedy
In the race to improve the patient experience, organizations coached by Studer Group have a distinct edge. They outperform the nation on HCAHPS measures by an average of 21 percentile points, outpace it in improvements at a speed of nearly 50 percent faster, and also beat the national average in every core measure. What’s more, they set themselves up for quick, sustainable improvements in outcomes connected to future value-based purchasing changes.
The revised and updated HCAHPS Handbook—written by Lyn Ketelsen, RN, MBA; Karen Cook, RN; and Bekki Kennedy—lays out the strategy and tactics that enable them to consistently perform at such a high level. It retains the “how-to” focus that made the first edition a bestseller, while also providing fresh evidence and vital new content.

This book is a valuable resource for organizations seeking to provide the exceptional quality of care their patients expect and deserve. It provides:
  • A new section up front that functions as an HCAHPS primer—great for helping set the right goals and getting people aligned and accountable
  • Vital information on the five new HCAHPS questions that became mandatory in January 2013
  • New tactics to improve quality and patient perception of care in areas pinpointed by the new Care Transition composite
  • Fresh evidence straight from Studer Group’s National Learning Lab on which tactics are most successful at moving metrics on all HCAHPS questions
  • Insights on critical tweaks you can make to refine and perfect the tactics you’re already using
The HCAHPS Handbook has quickly become an authoritative resource for healthcare organizations seeking to maximize clinical quality, patient perception of care, and reimbursement. The revised and updated version is a can’t-miss resource for any organization seeking to maximize clinical quality and the patient experience…while protecting the margin that keeps you living your mission.
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  • Karen Cook

    Karen Cook, R.N.

  • Lyn Ketelsen

    Lyn Ketelsen, RN, MBA

  • Bekki Kennedy

    Bekki Kennedy

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