Liz Jazwiec’s Workplace Trilogy: Audiobook CD Set

By: Liz Jazwiec, RN

Eat That Cookie! Making Workplace Positivity Pay Off…For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations (Better culture)

Is it possible to create a positive workforce in these changing, and what some may even call negative times? Yes, it is, but first you have to get real about the negative things you and your staff members do to make it even tougher. In this book you will hear Liz talk about how to build the cultural foundation for powerful benefits of a positive workplace. (Hint: better patient service, improved efficiencies and lower employee turnover all make the list.)

Hey Cupcake! We Are ALL Leaders (Better Leaders)

Leaders aren’t always who you think they are. Eventually, most of us will be called on to lead someone, whether it’s a department, a shift, a project team or a new employee. Plenty of books have been written on leadership, but few have told the brutal—and funny—truth quite like this book.

Service Excellence is as Easy as PIE: Perception Is Everything (Better Service)

Realistic, down to earth, and wickedly witty, this book is perfect for everyone in healthcare or any other service industry. Listen as Liz folds in entertaining stories along with ideas for creating exceptional customer experiences ideas that are surprising, simple, and yes, easy as you-know-what.

Liz Jazwiec’s Workplace Trilogy: Audiobook CD Set
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