The OAS CAHPS Compendium: A Guidebook for Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes Across the Ambulatory Surgery Continuum

By: Davy Crockett, RN, MPA, FACHE; Jeff Morris, MD, MBA, FACS, FRCS(C); Diana Topjian, RN, MSN, DM, C-ENP; Erin Shipley, RN, MSN; Anthony Schuster, MD, MBA, CPE; Ted James, MD, MHCM, FACS

The Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (OAS CAHPS) survey will shift the outpatient perioperative landscape considerably.

The survey, which aims to improve the nation’s quality of healthcare in the perioperative space, measures patient experiences with their surgeries performed at hospital outpatient surgery departments (HOPDs) or ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

The ability to create an “always” experience for patients is what will differentiate and set you apart from your competitors. That’s why Studer Group created The OAS CAHPS Compendium. It’s a series of whitepapers that offers tools, tactics and specific examples that will assist your team in achieving their desired ambulatory surgery goals.

The OAS CAHPS Compendium offers:
  • A primer on the OAS CAHPS survey, including an overview and introduction to the survey questions
  • A detailed look into each OAS CAHPS Domain and individual questions that make up the survey
  • Specific tools, tactics, scenarios and examples that are proven to make an impact in your Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery areas
  • A case study example on how enhanced perioperative care can improve patient experiences

The most critical aspect of enhanced perioperative care is being centered on the patient. This requires all stakeholders to work together in collaboration to provide coordinated care to patients. Following best practices of implementation and evidence-based leadership, surgical centers will see the fruits of this labor in the form of increased patient satisfaction, decreased complications, and increased volume and revenue.

“As a healthcare leader for more than 35 years, this is one of the better resources I have read on the perioperative patient experience. While some books focus just on inpatient or outpatient, this is a comprehensive piece that covers the entire perioperative spectrum. It’s the first solution I’ve seen that ‘connects the dots’ for leaders. It covers the full range of tactics, such as leadership development, Must Haves® like rounding and pre- and post-visit calls, and standardization of processes, that provides the necessary tools to allow leaders at all levels to\ develop and innovate as early adopters. I have utilized Studer Group® coaching and principles for more than 12 years, both in my previous role at North Mississippi Medical Center and currently at The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). This piece continues that journey and is one to be added to every perioperative leader’s library.”

—Michael (Mike) Denham, Chief Perioperative Officer at MUSC in Charleston, SC

The OAS CAHPS Compendium: A Guidebook for Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes Across the Ambulatory Surgery Continuum
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  • Davy Crockett

    Davy Crockett, RN, MPA, FACHE

  • Jeff Morris

    Jeff Morris, MD, MBA, FACS, FRCS(C)

  • Diana Topjian

    Diana Topjian, RN, MSN, DM, C-ENP

  • Erin Shipley

    Erin Shipley, RN, MSN

  • Anthony Schuster

    Anthony Schuster, MD, MBA, CPE

  • Ted James

    Ted James, MD, MHCM, FACS

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