Wait a Hot Minute! How to Manage Your Life with the Minutes You Have

By: Jackie Gaines, MS, RN
When Did Perpetual Distraction and Multi-Tasking Become the New Normal? 
My schedule is CRAZY right now… There just aren’t enough hours in the day… I wish I could take a moment to catch my breath but life won’t slow down long enough. Chances are, you’ve already said something like this today (probably while checking your phone for the fifth time in an hour). The reality is that most of us do not want to make the sacrifices needed to live comfortably within 24 hours and make tough choices to decrease stress and anxiety.

Bestselling author Jackie Gaines wants you to finally get real about all the ways you’re squandering your most precious resource. Wait a Hot Minute! offers “respectful truth-telling” about the time robbers that are ruining your life and lays out some practical tips to help you refocus on the things that really matter. Readers will learn:
  • Practical tips working parents can use to maximize their stretched-to-the-limit time (and even make room for joy)
  • Why you most likely need to detach from technology—and some techniques to help you “drop the I”
  • Sometimes, saying no is the most respectful thing you can do, saving you and the requestor valuable time
  • Tools & tactics to take charge of your time when you’re in charge of everything
This is not another book about time management. It’s a book about purposefully managing your life in the context of the time we all have…one “hot minute” after another.
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